The Instagram APIs Have Changed. Want to Know What It Does to You?

The Instagram APIs Have Changed!

It was 11th of December that Instagram decided to change the way you have been accessing your data all this time. From now on, Marketing campaigns are going to be at variance. Let’s take a quick view of how things are going to be if you want to run a hashtags contests on Instagram.

The changes to Instagram APIs are made to help protect users’ data and privacy. It’s not a secret anymore that loads of business profiles were altered by these changes. You’ve probably detected that some of your Instagram apps aren’t really operating as usual right? The shutting down of Instagram public APIs is the reason behind this. But here’s something that’ll make you hate this change slightly less. The aftermath of this change is mostly going to impact commenting, mentioning usernames or reposting. Sounds comforting?

You’re probably wondering what on earth is Instagram API really? Instagram APIs a.k.a ; ‘Application Program Interface’ is actually how other apps sort of communicate with Instagram. For instance, if you’re using Instagram, you’re unmindfully using the Instagram’s Graph API which for the latter allows you to use features like scheduling, commenting and even analytics for that matter.

If you’re using any of the apps that are related to Instagram, surely, you must have noticed certain changes on those apps. That’s strictly because the new Instagram Graph API is much more regulatory than the previous versions. Here are some of the possible changes you might happen to see:

First things first, bots won’t work anymore. So, if you’re using few bots to follow, like or comment for you, wrong idea there. Sure you’re bound to see slightly lesser engagement but be sure that most of your engagement is going to be legit. Secondly, your instagram likes are only going to be private which makes it harder for other brands to spy every move you make on Instagram. Well, for the major part, this change is going to affect shopping related profiles on instagram as they like to track your interests in various products. Furthermore, if you were tracking followers for any profile, be sure you can’t from now on. Keeping a track of followers’ demographics is going to affect a lot of analytics companies. Furthermore, users won’t be able to delete comments from elsewhere but Instagram API.

Not to mention, UGCs are going to be very slender now. It goes without saying that if you’re a business that looks for User- Generated Content, you’d probably have to work some other way around it. And, that you can do by searching hashtags instead of searching through users or posts.

Why the Changes?

Well, according to Instagram this has something to do with security and privacy. Let us put this to facts. Instagram had vocalized about this previously by stating, “To continuously improve Instagram users’ privacy and security, we are accelerating the deprecation of Instagram API Platform.” 

Our humble take is that, although this might affect a lot of running businesses out there but it’s only equitable when it comes to data privacy and security.